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Hermes Hotel
Hermes Hotel
Hermes Hotel
Hermes Hotel
Hermes Hotel
Hermes Hotel
Hermes Hotel
Hermes Hotel
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Entertainment & Activities

Make the most of your holiday and discover the wonders of Crete. Explore the Cretan mountains by booking a jeep safari to experience the rural setting and mountainous lifestyle. Arrange a scuba dive into the crystal blue waters or a sailing cruise to the various natural and historical sites, such as Chrissi Island or the island of Spinalonga. Right in front of the hotel you will find a professional Diving Station for unforgettable snorkeling & diving experiences.

Day Activities

  • Aerobic & Aqua Aerobic
  • Stretching
  • Darts
  • Table Tennis
  • Backgammon lessons
  • Tournaments

Cultural Activities

  • Greek cooking lessons
  • Cretan Traditional Tea Tasting
  • City Walk
  • Farmers Market Tour
  • Olive Oil Tasting Seminar
  • Environmental Activities

Night Activities

  • Folklore nights
  • Dance shows
  • Live music
  • Disco nights
  • Make your holidays even more exciting by choosing any of the below

Outdoor Activities

  • Day cruises with motor sail boats
  • Submarine excursions
  • Scuba diving
  • Jeep safari
  • Private excursions
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